Our games

We love making games. We love to experiment and try new things. We want to master the art of making games so we release as many little fun games as we can so we can learn as much as possible. We make them for you so play them and tell us what you think :)

Chompy Chomp Chomp Party - Wii U

9 player multiplayer mayhem on the Wii U! Chompy Chomp Chomp Party is the Wii U sequel to Chompy Chomp Chomp, featuring more levels, more players, more power ups... more of everything, and as many people as you can fit into one living room.

The game in action

Wedding Game

We made a game for our wedding. If you know us well then you will be awesome at it. If you don't know us well then get to know us by playing it! Here's a hint, Sarah hates bananas. Contact us if you would like us to make a game for your event.



Eraticator tells the story of Bob. Bob bought a house for his wife, but it was infested with Rats. She won't move in until he eraticates them all.


Chompy Chomp Chomp - PC

The PC version of Chompy Chomp Chomp features Blobbidees! Blobbidees are fluffy pests that have infested our garden. Try to eat as many as you can!


A Highly Realistic Simulation of Space Joyriding

A quick game made for a One Game A Month entry when Woody discovered there were only a few hours until the deadline!

Krampus Screenshot


Woody's Christmas game jam entry. Created for Ludum Dare 25 in 48 hours. Help the Krampus turn the children's toys into coal to ruin Christmas!

Chompy Chomp Chomp - Winter Screenshot

Chompy Chomp Chomp - Xbox 360

Chompy Chomp Chomp on the Xbox 360 was our first game, that we released way back in March 2012. We made a local multiplayer party game so that we could bring people together and give them a game to have loads of fun with. You can buy it on Xbox Live Indie Games.