A long overdue Wii U update!

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June 24, 2014
James Woodrow

Hi Guys!

We haven't given a proper Chompy Chomp Chomp Party update since December 2013. We're sorry! We had lots of other things to work on, I did a bit of contract work so that we could afford to go to GDC and then rather awesomely we were given a release date for Steam! It took a good couple of weeks of hard work to get the achievements and everything in there, and get everything tested all on my own! Finally though, I'm back working on Chompy Chomp Chomp Party and the future is looking colourful and full of multiplayered madness! So what are the big updates in terms of what we've been working on since?

Bye Bye Tournament Mode

We got a tournament mode up and running, we showed it to a few people at Norwich Games Festival. We realised that it just won't work in the form that we thought. So we're going to completely rework it. This is one of the big benefits that we find of testing with real people at events, we get to see quickly what works and what doesn't. We learnt what we needed to learn from this and we had put the minimum amount of work in, so it's a perfect example of our "get it working", "play test", "scrap or develop" type approach. The next version of this we will play test will be more like a play list where you can queue up games to play and have an ultimate winner of those.

We might even make a little crown for you to print out and put on your head when you win.That's what you get when you win all the time, a silly hat :)

9 Players on the Wii U

We were working with a PC build previously, we've now moved into working with the Wii U code base alone. We have full controller support for up to 9 players.

UP TO 9 PLAYERS! Imagine that! To control the game you only need an analog stick to run around and a button to activate the power ups, so that means we've been able to utilise nunchuks as well.

We named the game Chompy Chomp Chomp Party with the idea that you'll be able to have a party and everyone in the room will be able to play. We just need to have lots of parties to test it with :)

Come see us at events!

We're attending lots of events over the next few months. We just got back from Radius Festival. The next event is Games Britannia Live! in Sheffield, next week, on the 28th and 29th of June.

Follow us on twitter or facebook to find out when we are going to be at events. Come and play test with us :D