Play Expo 2012

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October 17, 2012
James Woodrow

It feels like only yesterday when we were all exhausted from Eurogamer Expo, and here we are recovering from another two days of showing off Chompy Chomp Chomp, this time at Play Expo in Manchester's massive Event City.

We had an awesome location in the middle of the area of the expo - right between the pinball machines and retro consoles in an area dedicated to multiplayer classics like Goldeneye, Bomberman, Chu Chu Rocket and... Chompy Chomp Chomp!

A huge thank you to all of the visitors who stopped by for a play. We were once again blown away by the range of people who sat down to laugh and scream their heads of through a few games of Chompy Chomp Chomp. It was great to see young kids in their buggies playing with their parents, grown men hurling insults at each other after a few beers and we even enjoyed getting thoroughly trounced by a bunch of students who have been playing Chompies in their gaming group at University. Thoroughly, thoroughly trounced. :D

We did manage to play a few things at the expo including our first hands-on with the Wii U which is looking pretty tasty. The extra screen of the tablet is put to great use in Nintendo Land's Luigi's Ghost Mansion minigame. We also had a play of some of Llamasoft's iOS titles and even had a quick chat with the legendary Jeff Minter himself!

Once again our Chompy tournaments went down a treat with the winners walking away with Chompy t-shirts and even the losers walked away with smiles on their faces... even the ones who kicked over their chairs in a huff! :D

We ran a tournament and congratulations to Alan here for winning the Chompy t-shirt. He and his daughter had been playing Chompies all day, and when he won (against some very good Chompy players may we add) she gave him a huge hug. It was a lovely moment and it made us feel fuzzy. :)

So thank you Replay Events for putting on a most awesome show. It really is a wonderful celebration of all things gaming with an incredible mix of new and old. We're already looking forward to next year's expo!