The Utopian Wedding!

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September 13, 2013
James Woodrow

On 31st of August 2013, about 13 years after we first met, we finally got married. It was an amazing day, filled with loads of fun and the people we love. We also managed to cram as many game references in as possible :D

Here are a bunch of photos that we thought you guys would appreciate, featuring pixel hearts galore and even a chompy wedding cake!

GameWagon came and provided an amazing place for all our friends to play games. Everyone was insanely excited about this.

We had a game that we had made especially for the wedding that Jack from GameWagon looked after for us. It's a co-op game where one person plays Sarah and the other plays Woody. Things drop down from the sky and you can either keep the thing for yourself or give it to the other person as a gift. There are things that we each like or dislike and you get points accordingly. More points if you share! You can play it here.

Grab a friend and play the wedding game!

Some of our amazing friends even gave us Chompy presents!

We got a chompy board game from the best man.

And H our crafty friend from Live it. Love it. Make it. gave us these amazing knitted Chompies!

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to every single person who made our day what it was. Everyone who came, everyone who congratulated us, everyone who baked a cake, the people at Minstrel Court, Jack from GameWagon, our amazing friend Kimberly York (the photographer), and our friend Kirsten who prettified Sarah. And finally loads of thanks to our family and friends who worked really hard to make the day as amazing as it was.

Best. Day. Ever.