Ukie Student Game Jam

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May 2, 2014
James Woodrow

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of mentoring a team of Goldsmiths students for Ukie's first ever student game jam. The theme, "regeneration" was set on the morning of the jam. The students then had 48 hours to come up with an idea and create a game which fit the theme.

Having taken part in a few game jams myself, I know how difficult it can be in those first few hours as you're desperately trying to come up with the most awesome game idea ever, one which perfectly fits the theme, but one which can also be completed to a good standard within 48 hours. It's tough.

However, it didn't take long for the students to come up with a corker of an idea which I felt fit with the theme very nicely and within a few hours they were cracking away on their codebase and art assets.

I checked in with them remotely on the first day to see how they were doing, and in all honesty, they didn't need a lot of guidance. They worked well together from the start and by the time I checked in on them in person the following morning they'd made good ground on the idea and their seperate parts of the puzzle were coming together nicely. All that was left was to put the pieces together in the last few hours.

They were up against another team from Goldsmiths, and teams from Norwich and NFTS and they won! I think it's worth mentioning that they're a team of 5 programmers so  bonus points for the artwork, sound & design for this cracking little game. So congratulations to James, Tolga, Arthur, Madina and Chilun!

The game is called Wisp. Here's a link if you want to give it a go :)

Wisp - Goldsmith's Ukie Game Jam Entry