About Us

We make our games for the people we love so that you can love them too.

We believe that games can bring people together.

We make games that give people happy memories of being together.

Games are sometimes a bone of contention within a family. “Screen time” is demonised, parents argue with their kids, people sit on their different devices not talking to each other.

Some people experience “screen time” as a source of disconnection, we want to change that. We make games that create connection.

Our games are inclusive, simple, fun and colourful so even your mum who hates games will want to play with you. The kind of games that define childhoods and build memories.

James Woodrow (Woody)

Designer, Graphics Artist, 3d modeller, Animator, Musician, Sound Artist, QA Tester,all round one man game machine. He has worked on Chompy Chomp Chomp Party in the shed at the bottom of the garden for many years while also being a full time stay at home Dad.

Sarah Woodrow

Designer, Games designer, Producer, UX and UI expert with a load of experience in project and product management. Sarah dips in when her expertise is required, usually to help keep Woody sane.

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